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Tomlinson 1000361 HPSBCH Faucet

Tomlinson 1000361 HPSBCH Faucet

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Tomlinson 1000361 HPSBCH Faucet
-Black Polypropylene Body With 5/8"-18 UNF Threads, Chromed Brass Bonnet, Two Washers And Aluminum Jam Nut.
Tomlinson HPSBCH offers a revolutionary change of conventional paradigms whilst adding sensational vibrancy to commercial beverage dispensing. The replacement spigot has black polypropylene body for superior structural strength. Integrating HPSBCH, the plastic faucet from the OEM Components collection is easy with the provision of 5/8"-18 UNF threads. Although, Tomlinson provides another variant of HPSBCH with black polypropylene bonnet to add enhanced flair to the décor as well as functional appeal, the chromed brass bonnet option is equally available as black polypropylene bonnet. Tomlinson provides aluminum jam nut and two washers for smooth and hassle-free integration. Get the best plastic replacement spigots under one roof with Tomlinson and forget the stress of finding replacement parts forever.

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