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Richelieu 7150502G Confirmat

Richelieu 7150502G Confirmat

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Richelieu 7150502G Confirmat


  • Melamine, particleboard, and MDF (medium density fiberboard) are notorious for their poor holding power when it comes to most traditional fasteners. The European market found a solution for these innovative materials. Confirmat-style connecting screws are designed for cabinets or other types of box construction. These unique fasteners act like steel dowels to form strong, stiff butt joints. The screws feature a large shoulder under the head to locks the screw into the wood and to prevent pulling through into softer materials. A tight fitting Pozi® drive makes running these screws a breeze.You will notice that these thick fasteners have a blunt point. To install, simply align the two pieces and drill a pilot hole with a specially designed three-step bit. A slight unthreaded portion at the tip makes it easy to line up the holes during assembly. Connecting screws can be removed and reinstalled several times without loss of holding power.

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