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FJM Security SX-575-PK25-KEY2 Combination Padlock with Key Override

FJM Security SX-575-PK25-KEY2 Combination Padlock with Key Override

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FJM Security SX-575-PK25-KEY2 Combination Padlock with Key Override
The Perfect Combination Padlock The SX-575 combination lock for lockers is the best choice for everyday use. It is an all metal, four-dial combination lock that very sturdy and secure. The dials are large making it easy to read and operate. With over 10,000 possible combinations know that your possessions will be safe. Dual access of this lock, through combination or key, makes it the perfect choice to manage and access your locker. No Hassle Due To Lost or Forgotten Combinations Never again throw away a padlock due to a lost combination. The master key function allows not only overriding the combination, but also allows lost combination discovery and reset. These functions make this padlock ideal for institutions where the master key is available for administrative purposes. Setting the Lock Factory Default is 0-0-0-0 Open the shackle and rotate it 90 degrees until the notch on the shackle lines up with notch in the shackle opening Press down and keep the shackle pressed down while setting the combination dials to your desired code Let go of the shackle and your combination padlock is ready to use! Scramble the dials on the combination padlock to lock Mater Key Instructions Insert master key Turn the key 90 degrees to open the lock and release the shackle Turn the dials until they stop The dials are now showing the combination your lock is set to. After you have discovered the code, close the shackle and remove the key. Your lock is now ready for use and can be reset. Please see instructions for setting your combination. SX-575 Dimensions Shackle Diameter = 1/4 inch Shackle Clearance = 1 inch Lock Height (including shackle) = 3 3/16 inch Body Width = 1 5/8 inch Body Height = 2 inches
  • Comes with 25 padlocks and two key overrides for the combination in case it is lost or forgotten
  • Patented discovery code function to reset the lock and change the combination
  • Heavy duty solid metal combination padlock providing great security
  • Four digit dial with 10,000 possible combinations
  • Great for school lockers, gyms, athletic clubs, hospitals, etc

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