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Deltana PDB42U3 Pocket Door Jamb Bolt, Polished Brass (Each)

Deltana PDB42U3 Pocket Door Jamb Bolt, Polished Brass (Each)

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Deltana PDB42U3 Pocket Door Jamb Bolt, Polished Brass (Each)

The Pocket Door Jamb Bolt is designed to be face-mounted at the rear of a closed pocket door and acts as a privacy bolt preventing the door from opening. It is available in an array of fine finishes.

Packed with 2 Screws, Bite Strike Plate & Safety Hole Release Protector.

Deltana offers a variety of accessories that are customized to fit in different standard products. From door accessories to bolt accessories the company has everything that a customer may need to upgrade their homes and realize a perfect look. Whether a customer likes a classic elegance or a contemporary look, one can easily find products such as cushion arm, hold open arm, sex bolt, drop plate, square knob, heavy duty bracket, accessory knob and lever for classic storm doors. These products are given an excellent finishing to complacent the home décor. These products are of different types giving the customer a variety to choose from. The company can produce customized products that fit the needs of clients.

One of the important thing that the company keeps on advises people is to look at their budget before they buy these accessories. With the help of the sales and marketing team who are well informed and trained on the products that the company has, they can assist the customer to find products that fit their budget. This does not mean that these products are of low quality, but because of the efficient manufacturing processes, the company can be flexible with their pricing.

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