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Acorn IMCBP Push Plate

Acorn IMCBP Push Plate

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Acorn IMCBP Push Plate


15-3/4" H x 3-1/2" W

Acorn push plates protect the wood on swinging doors by giving the user a place to operate the door. Acorn has both dedicated push plates and kick plates that can also be installed as a push plate.

The dedicated push plate comes in two ornate styles both with a rough iron finish. The larger plate measures 3-3/4” wide and comes in 12” and 17” lengths. The smaller plate measures 2-1/2” wide and comes in 12” and 15” lengths.

The kick plates are less ornate, but come in both a simple rectangle and a subtly flared style. There are 7 different sizes ranging all the way up to 7-3/8” by 40”. The smallest plate is 3-3/8” wide by 10” and has a subtle flair to the design.

These door plates can be mounted vertically as a push plate or horizontally as a kick plate.

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