SENSORMATIC ELECTRONICS is a leading provider of retail solutions through diverse products and solutions. Sensormatic Electronics is a part of Tyco group and owns over one thousand five hundred patents for their elite products. Sensormatic Retail Solutions is a diversified manufacturer and developer of the state of the art electronic article surveillance systems. These solutions are commonly found on many top-notch projects across the United States and the globe. Sensormatic is an industry leader and has a complete grip on a vast product line offering premier solutions. All the Sensormatic products are backed by technical support and excellent customer service. Sensormatic Electronics offers a wide choice for EAS systems along with global source tagging, item-level intelligence, RFID, store business intelligence, safers, and many more services to attain the prefect provision of solutions to the ever-demanding industry. Today, Sensormatic Electronics is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry and is highly active in providing complete solutions to retail stores worldwide to prevent losses and to enhance the store-level performance. Sensormatic solutions are apt to handle all the concerns and offer the technology integrated solution. The amazing product line by Sensormatic is apt to deal with the current trends and dynamism. The world of superior performance and minimal losses is waiting for you, are you up to it now?

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