From E profile magnetic lock in the year 1977 to no strings attached Magnacare, the amazing journey of Securitron is inspiring. Security is a prime concern now and it was then. However, Securitron redefined the concept of being safe or a concept of a safe premise with their unparalleled products and superfine technology. Securitron is a part of an Assa Abloy group and has a reputation in the world of architectural hardware and security product industry. From the most advanced state of the art solutions to simple yet resourceful devices, Securitron ensures to deliver premium solutions and allied products. In the year 1999, Securitron brought a new perspective to the industry with their no string attached and lifetime Magnacare warranty programs. This concept was revolutionary and was apt to declare the quality of Securitron products on its own. Till today the exceptional product quality of Securitron and Ass Abloy group’s products is touching our hearts everyday whether we notice or not. From residences to airports, every single place has these beautiful products and a proud feeling of being a number one American product that serves thousands and thousands of Americans every day. With Securitron, you are safe beyond your imagination.

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Securitron WSS-W2 Motion Sensor
Securitron AQU126-8C Power Supply
Securitron AQD6-8C1R Power Supply
Securitron AQU243-8F Power Supply
Securitron AQU128-8C Power Supply
Securitron DTSB-CL-42 Exit Device
Securitron DDC-62CL Maglock
Securitron DC-82BP Maglock
Securitron DCP-12X3 Maglock
Securitron DSB-CBA Exit Device
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