You can redefine the performance of a door during new construction as well as during remodeling. Typically, some door components are often overlooked and hinges are one of them. Gone are the days when your door hinges were visible from inside out and offered a sturdy yet shabby appearance to your doors. Today, with the state of the art manufacturing and with the best of engineering design, you can expect the best of hinges made available for you right here at the Builders Supply. Roton presents a unique variety of hinges made to make your doors functionally excellent and aesthetic. The variety of these hinges is available for several types of doors. Wood, metal, or mix; Roton has a solution for all kinds of doors. These latest hinges are heavy duty and offer ultimate support to the door and frame. The art of balancing of door weight is supreme with Roton hinges. Every Roton hinge is made to excel the expectations of the user and offer the best solution in the industry. When you buy Roton hinges, you buy the best your money can buy and enjoy the superior performance for year after year.

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