MuxLab is a Canada based manufacturer of seamless connectivity solutions in the arena of surveillance, CCTVs, and audio-video connectivity. MuxLab has the industry presence of over twenty-five years. MuxLab products and solutions offer complete freedom from the clumsy and complex cabling. In fact, these premium products like Matrix Switches, Baluns, Hubs, Extenders, Kits, and Switchers offer complete peace of mind. These products install seamlessly in all sorts of ambient environments and offer their optimum performance to satisfy you in every sense. MuxLab offers seamless connectivity using CAT5e/6 copper twisted pair cables assuring the right type of installation ease. MuxLab products challenge several conventional means of connectivity by redefining the essential verticals to a new value. Choosing MuxLab products is always intuitive for simple yet powerful maintenance-free CCTV and audio-video connectivity solutions. MuxLab in fact, offers a new benchmark of perfection for CCTV security and Surveillance industry with these fine products and solutions. MuxLab products and solutions are a right fit for every type of connectivity need where you require best output and zero signal loss. MuxLab understands the complexities of the security and surveillance industry and it always has a right solution to meet these requirements more than expectations.
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