The world of architectural hardware products has received a new secured definition with MONARCH HARDWARE. The Philadelphia based manufacturer of architectural security systems and devices is a part of Schlage. The name Monarch Hardware is associated with the state of the art security hardware offering complete protection and guaranteed peace of mind. These superior quality products offer a fine grain control of security. These products are also available under the Falcon brand. The architectural hardware industry recognizes MONARCH HARDWARE as the unanimous solution provider. Monarch hardware products are designed to match the industry expectations. These products offer the perfect security resolution when you need it the most. Monarch hardware products feature the best use of the latest technology integrated with the perfect designing to suit varied environments. Therefore, using a Monarch product becomes an intuitive experience for both, the owners and the contractors. The range of exit devices manufactured by MONARCH HARDWARE delivers superior performance under any prevailing environment. Apart from the functional aspect, these fine products are aesthetic and add a décor value to the project. Multifaceted Monarch Hardware security products are the most preferred products in the industry and become the genuine companion in security and access control.

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