Founded in 1968 by Howard M. Allenbaugh (1934-2003), M.A.G. Manufacturing is a privately held, progressive research, design, marketing and manufacturing firm with hundreds of security, safety, and innovative products available across the United States and abroad. These products are designed to suit varied climatic conditions. MAG products cover the most necessary elements of construction. They offer premium door hardware and accessories. These accessories are essential as they offer substantial value addition to your project. Buying a MAG product is not a purchase, but it is an investment. These products are designed for extended performance. MAG product range covers almost every single aspect of door hardware and becomes a one-stop solution. The product range contains door reinforcers, extended lip strikes, inserts, deadbolt strikes, flip locks, door chain guards, door viewers, sliding window locks, casements, latch guards, door knobs, and filler plates. All these products add durability, décor, and functional productivity. MAG products are available with us and you can choose from hundred of high quality products and enjoy the premium results. With MAG products, your project gets a new dimension of perfection and control. MAG is also a popular product brand among top-notch architects and interior designers.

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