Keystone Wire and Cable

Keystone Wire and Cable is a premier manufacturer of the state of the art wires and cables suitable for a wide array of applications. Keystone wires are designed with the absolute integration of the technology assuring the superior performance and dependability. The finest product line by Keystone has the essence of the perfection. The most innovative Keystone Plus product line features purely made in America products, assorted colors and stripes, easy jacket stripping using the ripcords, up to 70% reduction of pulling friction using pre-lubricated cables, and sequential footage markers in ascending or descending order. Keystone Wire believes in offering exceptional customer service. Keystone products are available in a consistent manner with a strategic assortment making the product search easy and innovative. The wide array of Keystone wires has many seamless avenues with patented labor saving solutions. These products are designed to reduce the efforts whilst delivering premium solutions. Using Keystone Wire and Cable products is creating safe working environments for technicians. The wide variety of conductors and lengths of Keystone products offers complete control of the installation process making it swift, hassle-free, and intuitive. Keystone Wire has precise solutions for perfect and safer projects.

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