In the year 1983, Norman Doucet and Doug Maston decided the future of the locksmith industry and offered a new revelation to the locks we use every day. Within a year of their foundation, they started to roll out excellent security solutions for one and for all. The security industry needs products with a very strong reputation and KSP or Killeen Security Products filled the gap with their state of the art products and unique solutions for residential purpose and for several commercial applications. This process is further appreciated with the custom solutions for businesses. KSP products are available in two prime verticals. These are cores and housing. Further KSP also offers compatibility with several brands and offers unanimous products that fit into the housing of other brands. Thus, a completely new arena of interchangeable cores has opened new dimensions and has added a new paradigm to the security industry. KSP has re-invented the security and has offered unmatched simplicity and compatibility. The variety of over 15 keyway and full support with key-blank for all these keyway becomes a one-stop solution. KSP understands how to redefine your world with bright ideas.

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KSP 609 Tool