Dolphin Components

Dolphin Components offers a premium range of low voltage products. With the expertise of over thirty-five years, Dolphin Components delivers premium solutions to meet a variety of industry requirements with its high-tech product line designed to simplify critical installation processes. Dolphin products are crafted to offer extended support with the perfection. These products are available in a wide array like Cables, Connectors, Cable Ties, Cable Clamps and Clips, Adapters, Keystone Jacks and Inserts, Inline Couplers, Patch Panels and Cords, and many more tools for CAT-5e and CAT-6 connections. The rich product line by Dolphin Components features excellent manufacturing practice and therefore state of the art control of the installation process. These Dolphin products do not cause signal loss and deliver matchless performance under all sorts of environments. Intuitively designed Dolphin products become a lifelong solution offering absolute fidelity. Dolphin is committed to offer first class service to each of the customers who requires the support as customer service is always the first priority at Dolphin Components. Choosing Dolphin products and solutions is a rewarding decision when you care for the best installations that satisfy everyone. Dolphin is another name for the perfection you can deliver to your clients with the finest delivery of superb performance and productivity.

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