Continental Instruments

Continental Instruments is a premium manufacturer of finest access control systems and solutions. It has been active since its inception in the year 1961 and it is delivering seamless solutions since then. Continental Instruments is a trusted name in the industry with the most reliable source for state of the art access control solutions, CCTV, and photo ID systems. Continental Instruments offers promising solutions for verticals like Government, Educational Institutes, Airports, Healthcare services, and many other commercial institutions and organizations with heavy traffic. Products and solutions offered by Continental Instruments are designed for a smooth integration with high level of fidelity and versatility. These products perform beyond the imagination assuring completely granular control of every aspect of access control. Continental Instruments is always considerate about delivering complete solutions and therefore, solutions offered by Continental Instruments are reasonably priced and they work on low operating costs. Various products like Cypher locks, Door Alarm Bypass, Push Panels, Modems, and Swipe Readers become most trustworthy companions of the precision access control system. Continental Instruments is promptly available to customers who require customer service or technical support. The high-fidelity solutions from Continental Instruments are capable of transformation of perceptions in the real time.

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