Bioscrypt Inc. the Canadian manufacturer and supplier of access control mechanisms through Fingerprint IP Readers, touchless access control substantiation with Facial Recognition Systems, in addition to OEM Fingerprint Module Readers. It was later acquired by L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. and Safran Group took over L-1 Identity Solutions in 2011. Now Bioscrypt is an eminent part of the Safran Group. Premier biometric access control solutions offered by Bioscrypt have created a paradigm shift in the conventional systems adding sophistication and unparalleled fidelity. Versatility of Bioscrypt solutions to integrate in a broad array of user environment and seamless availability of user combinations make these products a value addition and a dependable resolution for contemporary architecture of businesses. Innovation, inventiveness, and unparalleled flexibility offered by these Bioscrypt solutions make them the first class resolution ever available in the industry. It strongly reflects through the growth and market share acquisition by Bioscrypt. Bioscrypt products carry a true potential to redefine the security architecture to its best value and offer peace of mind ensuring to keep intruders out forever.
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