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The Saga of invention of the first ever combination padlock began with the inventive mind of John Junkunc dating back to 1912. It was a great start of a mainstream revolution as keyless locks was a striking idea. Soon Junkunc resigned from the job and began to design and develop padlocks independently. The roots of the exquisite padlocks we use today date back to the era when some visionary inventors poured their heart and soul in redefining the industry paradigms wholly. Today, American Lock continues to uphold the tradition of inventive manufacturing and it is acclaimed for its continual patronage. American Lock offers Solid Body Padlocks, Safety Lockout Solutions, Government Padlocks, Door Hardware & Compatible Padlocks, and various Security Products to serve a broad array of industry requirements. Safety of homes and commercial premises is very easy when American Lock padlocks incorporate in your world. All the superb products by American Lock are designed to withstand the harshest environments, attacks, and tampering attempts. Unleashing the true potential of a padlock to protect you and your assets is amazing when American Lock serves you the best. The legacy of expertise of a century and the finest manufacturing makes American Lock the most preferred brand.

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American Lock A5100 Padlock
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American Lock A701 Padlock
American Lock A3602WO Padlock
American Lock A3600WO Padlock
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American Lock A3601WO Padlock
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American Lock A3107WO CLR Padlock
American Lock A7200 Padlock
American Lock A3200WO COV Padlock
American Lock A7301 Padlock
American Lock A7300 Padlock
American Lock AH10 Padlock
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American Lock A3800WO Padlock
American Lock A7260 KD Padlock
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