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Dorbin Metal Strip

Posted by TBS on 10/30/2012 to Articles
Dorbin Metal Strip

Dorbin Metal Strip is a family owned business that has been designing and manufacturing door and floor products for more than 70 years. Now, they are the leading manufacturer of weatherstripping, specializing in custom window and door metal and brass thresholds. Every product they make, has been thoroughly tested, approved, and certified to help Dorbin's customers meet today's expectations.  Dorbin’s window metal has been used in many restorations throughout the country. They are also known for their brass and aluminum, thresholds that they can color to their customers’ specifications. It’s also worth to mention about their many different kinds of door sweeps, including automatic door bottoms that we assemble by hand. All of Dorbin’s products come with the necessary hardware for installation unless otherwise specified. All of Dorbin’s products are made in the USA.

Dorbin Metal Strip

Weatherstripping is a process in which home owners seal the openings to doors and windows in their home. Many people want to use weatherstripping to stop the elements such as rain and water from entering their home. Weatherstripping also allows you to keep heat and air inside which saves money on heating and air conditioning. So by investing a few dollars in equipment such as drip caps, interlocking thresholds, and door sweeps, you can save tons of money in the long run by reducing the cost of heating and air conditions. This strategy is particular effective in the summer and the winter when temperatures are either very high or very low. One of the largest companies in the weatherstripping business is Dorbin. They supply a large variety of weatherstripping equipment and accessories so customers can seal the interior and exterior of their home.  Dorbin often uses quality materials such as zinc, titanium, and aluminum to ensure their products are durable and strong. Dorbin has had years of experience in producing weatherstripping equipment, so you can be assured of the quality, durability, and precision of their products. Dorbin products can insulate any part of your hour with ease, try them today!

One of the most popular ways of weatherstripping your home is with window capping.  Window capping is a process involves the application of a material to the window in order to give it a weather proof layer which can assist it from keeping air and water from entering the house. A drip cap is an essential part of this procedure by redirecting the rain off the doors so it falls harmlessly out of the way. Dorbin has a great selection of drip caps made from high quality materials. Such materials include aluminum, titanium, and zinc. If you are interested in purchasing in a Dorbin drip cap, take a look specifically at the Dorbin 101A Drip Cap; 100" Length or the smaller Dobrin 101A Drip Cap; 40" Length. As you can see, Dorbin offers many different kinds and dimensions of drip caps so that you can easily find the one that is right for your windows or doors.

Dorbin 101A

If you are serious about weatherstripping your home, you might also want to look into door sweeps. Door sweeps are small pieces of rubber that are attached to your bottom of the door. This reduces air infiltration and by doing so, reduces your heating and cooling costs. Once again, Dorbin has an exceptional collection of doorsweeps that vary in length, from the Dorbin 103AP Door Sweep; 36’’ Length to the long Dorbin 103AP Door Sweep; 96” Length. By investing in doorsweeps now, you can save money on heating and cooling for years.

Dorbin 103AP

Interlocking thresholds are also used frequently to prevent the infiltration of air under a door. They are often used in conjunction with J-hooks in order to prevent both air and water leaking. Interlocking thresholds come in many different sizes and shapes. Dorbin offers two types of thresholds. The first type of threshold is called an aluminum threshold. They have aluminum alloy and are also resistant to any form of corrosion. If you are interesting in the threshold you might want to check out the Dorbin 165A Interlocking Threshold; 36”.You also want to consider using brass thresholds, which are the second type of interloping thresholds that Dorbin ships. Brass thresholds are a little more durable than the traditional aluminum interlocking thresholds. They are also stronger. If want a brass threshold, I would suggest checking out the Dorbin 165A Interlocking Threshold; 96” Length. 

Dorbin 165A Interlocking Threshold

Dorbin Metal Strip

Dorbin Metal Strip is proud of its reputation as the leader in high quality innovative door seals and threshold products. All of their material is UL and fire rated. The essential metals they use in the manufacture are: Titanium Zinc, Spring Type Bronze, Cold Rolled Bronze, Spring Aluminum and Spring Type Stainless Steel. Dorbin unconditionally guarantee all items to be in exact accordance with Catalog Data.

Dorbin Metal Strip

All of their window metal is roll-formed in our machine shop. They also carry many door sweeps in both brass and aluminum and several handicap thresholds that are widely used in commercial applications. Don’t forget that all of their items can be cut to size.


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