JL Industries Saf-T-Lok cam lock

JL Industries Saf-T-Lok cam lock

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JL Industries Saf-T-Lok cam lock
Theft deterrent feature with keyed cylinder lock available on most cabinets. Can be used instead of break glass lock lever. In the panic of a fire emergency, the breaking of the glass in a fire extinguisher cabinet door can be dangerous. It creates the possibility of injury to people and serious liability to the building owner. Cabinets with a SAF-T-LOK™ lock appear to be locked and in fact are, but the door can be opened with a sharp pull which breaks the replaceable plastic cam. This deters theft and vandalism which occur from un-locked cabinets and allows quick access to the extinguisher. Plastic cam is 1-5/8” x 1” x 3/32”.
The SAF-T-LOK™ cam lock is centered top to bottom on the cabinet door, and can be installed on most door styles with the glazing option you select. Pull handles are installed 3-5/8” inches higher when a SAF-T-LOK™ is installed in your cabinet, except for the ADA recessed pull which is installed to the right of the lock.

For more than 65 years, JL Industries in Bloomington Minnesota has been known for high quality fire extinguishers, cabinets, and accessories, but the addition of the Samson and Thomas product lines has truly given JL the right to claim the “widest selection of extinguisher, valve and hose cabinets in the world”. Their complete range of fire extinguishers means that virtually every requirement for portable fire protection can be met.

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