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Hafele Mirror Clips

Posted by on 1/3/2014 to Articles
Hafele Mirror Clips

Hafele, the leading solution provider for architectural projects has numerous products to improve lifestyle accents. These Hafele products are thoughtfully designed for optimum performance. Integration of Hafele products in architectural project makes it functionally excellent and delivering. In fact, choosing the right Hafele product is very easy with the availability of thousands of products with strategic assortment. Therefore, choosing Hafele products is a unique experience of perfection of every sense. The seamless availability of Hafele products through the strategically located warehouses also ensures that you get the speediest service with top priority. Hafele is the unrivaled industry leader with these fine products and solutions to serve you with the best the industry has to offer.

Hafele offers a unique avenue to improve the installation process making it more swiftly and precise. The superb product line by Hafele comprising of mirror clips has the essence of the designing excellence. These mirror clips are available in numerous configurations making them a right fit for a variety of installation requirements. Hafele intuitively uses a variety of materials as plastic, steel, polyamide, and brass to add extra life to it making it a right fit for versatile requirements. These mirror clips are thoughtfully designed to improve the installation experience to its best perception. Enjoying the state of the art Hafele solutions is a pleasing experience in every sense.

Hafele 291.09.402 Mirror Clip Oval
Hafele 291.09.402 Mirror Clip Oval
Hafele 291.09.402
Hafele 291.09.402 Oval Mirror Clip is a superb product designed to offer support to glass fitments. The clip is made of plastic and it has a rubber pad for soft cushioning effect. Hafele offers the transparent mirror clip for seamless camouflaging effect. The oval clip comes with easy mounting and firm support. The clip is designed to fit from the sides of the mirror offering a firm fitment. The 19mm x 10.5mm sized mirror clip becomes a handy tool for the excellent installation of mirrors.

Hafele 291.21.015 Mirror Clip
Hafele 291.21.015 Mirror Clip
Hafele 291.21.015
Hafele 291.21.015 Mirror Clip is a premium product designed for superb shelf support. The clip is made of steel for strength and reliability. Hafele offers the clip with attractive nickel plating for compatibility with décor themes. The design of the clip allows firm support. These clips are available in a standard packing of 500 units. Cranked design of the clip assures firm engagement between the mirror and shelf.

Hafele 293.50.025 Mirror Clip
Hafele 293.50.025 Mirror Clip
Hafele 293.50.025
Hafele 293.50.025 Mirror Clip is a superior mirror holder designed to hold frameless mirrors. The clip comes with two fixed brackets and two spring-loaded brackets. The cumulative effect of the combination offers firm support. These made of brass clips come with attractive polished chrome surface finish for a seamless match with all types of décor themes. The clip set is installed using four wood screws and four plastic dowels.

Hafele 988.32.130 Mirror Clip
Hafele 988.32.130 Mirror Clip
Hafele 988.32.130
Hafele 988.32.130 Mirror Clip is a made of polyamide material. The architecture of the clip offers superb strength. The mirror clip comes in the Burgundy surface finish and it becomes seamlessly compatible with several décor themes. The clip is available in 30 x 60 x 18mm size making a right fit in various installation situations. Hafele offers numerous products for lifelong solutions.

Hafele 988.32.500 Mirror Clip
Hafele 988.32.500 Mirror Clip
Hafele 988.32.500
Hafele 988.32.500 Mirror Clip is a stainless steel product designed to offer complete support to glass panels and shelves. The clip comes with intuitive designing improving the perfection of the installation. The straight pin becomes a handy solution for firm support. Hafele offers versatile solutions to improve the functional essence and durability. Choosing Hafele is rewarding in many senses.

Fastening a variety of mirrors is very intuitive with Hafele mirror clips. These clips are available in several designs offering a right fit for every purpose. Hafele opens a new gateway to perfection of the installation process by offering the matchless solutions. Hafele helps you get the complete control of the installation process with these superb products and solutions.


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