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Bommer Postal Mailboxes

Posted by TBS on 2/1/2013 to Articles
Postal Mailboxes

Even when we are forwarding to Web 2.0 and the innovations in latest means of communication, the postal communication is still popular as it was before a century. The attachment to postal mail is integrative and it will not change with changing times. Therefore, whenever a new house gets ready, it proudly boasts about the homeowner and announces about the new home and new people staying in there. Bommer postal mailboxes and accessories is a one-stop shop for all and every requirement.

Each of the mailboxes is designed to offer utmost safety to mails before they are removed. The high-quality mailboxes by Bommer are a resilient product with complete attention to detail and security. Even Bommer supplies various types of locks for these boxes. The entire exercise is to provide a handy solution for postal mails. A brand new home with a brand new Bommer mailbox is an attractive site that compels you to feel good. 

Bommer 491 Vertical Style Mail Letter-box
Bommer 491 Vertical Style Mail Letterbox
Bommer 491
Bommer 491 vertical style letter-box is available in three shades. With proper precaution and avoidance of the use of harsh chemicals during cleaning, these mailboxes offer longevity and maintain a perfect finish for the years coming ahead. USPS approves this recessed mailbox. You will receive detailed information on the wall chart and other requirements for swift installation. Bommer supplies two types of frames, which help during the semi-recessed and surface installation. The slot for the letters comes in 1/2" high x 10" size and has an anti theft deflector to protect your favorite mails from mismanagement and stealing. 

Bommer 6210-63/6230-63 Horizontal Mailbox
Bommer 6210-63/6230-63 Horizontal Mailbox Front Loading
Bommer 6210-63/6230-63
Front loading mailboxes from Bommer are popular due to its reliability, durability, performance, and utility at a very reasonable price. The clear anodized aluminum finish makes these postal boxes more attractive and suitable for every occasion. It is highly recommended to clean the box with warm water and mild soap. Use of strong cleaning agents and scrubbers needs to be avoided to ensure superior long lasting surface finish for years. Each of the compartments is accessible from the front through a hinged master door. The standard compartment size is 5" high x 6" wide x 15" deep.

Bommer 465-7 Front Loading Mail Letter-box
Bommer 465-7 Front Loading Mail Letterbox
Bommer 465-7
The solid Bommer front loading mailbox is a popular mailbox of homeowners. This front loading mailbox has dimensions 16-1/2"X40"X20-7/8". The door lock is prepared for USPS standard lock. It also comes with optional five-pin cam-lock without master keying.  The door for mail removal compartment is 1/8" thick and is available in a variety of heights. It is fitted with a continuous hinge. The main compartment comes with a rear door of thickness 1/16". The door for hopper is 1/4 " thick and the cover plate surrounding the hopper door is 1/8" thick, making this postal box too strong to be tampered. 

Bommer 6701 Pedestal Mailbox
Bommer 6701 Pedestal Mailbox
Bommer 6701
Bommer delivers state of the art mailboxes crafted in aluminum alloy material. The boxes are USPS approved, easy to manage and are easy to maintain clean too. USPS mentions these types of postal boxes as NDCBU or Neighborhood Delivery and Collection Box Unit due to its multiple functional natures. The compartment of the postal box is accessible from the rear end of the box. The dimension of the compartment is 5" high x 6" wide x 15" deep. The five-pin cam type door lock comes with rain and dust shielding for enhanced protection. This is a pedestal only type mailbox with multipurpose utility and a perfect solution for all postal requirements.

The prime objective of Bommer is to offer one stop solution for all postal needs. Their superior products hosted in our store are an immaculate solution. With versatile installation option, you can always decide your priority and plan recess or surface mounting accordingly. Rest assured, with Bommer’s unique technology to secure your mails, your mails will be safe until you take them out. Exploring the world of postal boxes is now very easy and intuitive with our massive collection.  



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